Nutritional Consulting

A healthy, balanced diet is fundamental to keeping your body healthy, but some patients’ symptoms require special attention to certain vitamins, minerals or food groups. We will work with your treating physician and also address exercise and dietary supplements to help you achieve your wellness goals. As a chiropractor, Dr. Renee is experienced in overall health and wellness; if your complex condition requires a licensed nutritionist Dr. Renee will not hesitate to refer you.

Food can be a very powerful form of medicine if you know how to use it. We study the effects of food and supplements so that we can share the knowledge with our patients. We want to help you become or remain healthy so you have time and energy to devote to your friends and family. If you take care of yourself, you have a greater potential to help others.

Nutritional Consulting is useful for reducing or eliminating symptoms of some diseases, including diabetes, gluten-sensitivity, IBS, IBD, other digestive disorders, depression and anxiety, and many others.

If you or someone you know is needing help figuring out where to begin with creating a meal plan or making a healthy eating lifestyle change, please contact our office for customized and individualized Meal Plans, Health Coaching, and Nutritional Consulting.

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