Massage Therapy

Mountain View Chiropractic

Massage is the manipulation of the body and muscles by the hands or instruments of a therapist. Massage not only promotes relaxation and well-being, but can also increase blood circulation and promote muscle healing and function.

A massage is not only relaxing, but can help eliminate toxins, promote muscle healing and help maintain proper alignment. If you choose to take care of yourself in this small way, we think you can feel big effects. When you are relaxed and feeling healthier, your anxieties and worries can seem smaller. We want to help you feel refreshed so that you have the energy and health to pursue your hobbies and dreams.

We recommend a massage treatment once per month for general health. Massage is also particularly helpful for patients with arthritis pain. Massage is beneficial either before or after a chiropractic appointment, allowing the adjustments to last longer and help the tissue heal faster.

Laura - LMT, CA

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