Personal Injury & Patient Advocacy (Auto Accident)

In an unfortunate event as Personal Injury we work with other providers keeping your  best interest in mind. We provide chiropractic care, physical medicine modalities & therapeutic procedures, and massage with no upfront costs for most patients.

If you have recently suffered an injury, we believe that healing is the first step you must take. An appointment to address your health concerns can be a welcome break and might clear your mind so you can make better decisions during your recovery. If for any reason you require the help of another professional or physician, we can refer you to a specialist within our network here in the Valley.

What you can expect when seeking chiropractic care due to personal injury in which you were not at fault.:

• We will participate in a medical lien

• Little to no upfront costs to you

• No worry about affording co-pays as you go

• We can bill your health insurance with balance to the lien or apply fully to the lien

• We offer quality attorney referrals, if needed

• We help you focus on recovering from your injuries

Now that you know what to expect you can Schedule an Appointment or view Testimonials about our services.

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