Do you have bunions, calluses or blisters?

If you suffer from bunions, calluses or blisters? You may have fallen arches, known as pronation. Let Dr. Renee take a look at your feet and use our 3D scanner to determine if you have dysfunctions in your feet. There may be a feasible solution that can allow you to have a more enjoyable shoe experience! She can adjust your feet and determine if you could also benefit long term from custom orthotics. EVEN CUSTOM FLIP FLOPS!! Enjoy better health!

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a painful bony bumps formed at the base of the big toe. This occurs when the big toe is pushed against the next toe. This forces the big toe joint to get bigger and visibly “stick out”. The skin surrounding the joint can get red, sore and become painful. Especially while wearing narrow or tight fitting shoes. Another term for Bunions is hallux vargus. Relief can come in a variety of different ways, ranging from surgical intervention, rest, icing, medications, steroid injections and orthotics and alteration of footwear. Talk to Dr. Haberl to see which option might be the best for your feet and your lifestyle!

What is a Callus?

A callus is a hard, thickened area of skin that forms as a result of friction, pressure or rubbing on the skin. While calluses can sometimes be treated easily with some warm Epsom salts and a pumice stone; it doesn’t resolve the problem. Having your shoes and feet examined can help determine the cause of the calluses so the problem can be resolved! Getting a 3D laser scan of your feet can identify if you are walking and putting additional pressure on a specific area of your foot preventing the callus from going away completely.

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