2014 Chiropractor of the Year

June 7, 2014

The Arizona Association of Chiropractic named Dr. Renée  Haberl, D.C. the 2014 Chiropractor of the Year!! This year is the 3rd Consecutive year that Dr. Haberl has received this prestiged award. The AAC recognized Dr. Haberl for her many sacrifices and the many hours she dedicated to helping improve the Chiropractic Community, as well as helping to launch the Arizona Association of Chiropractic forward towards bigger and brighter horizons!!

“While everyone sees the outside of what Dr. Haberl does and thinks that that’s pretty amazing, I’ve been a little more on the inside and I can’t even begin to describe how incredible she is and how much she has kept on her shoulders over the past few years. And I’m sure that I’ve only seen a portion of even that amount. So truly, as much as anyone THINKS she’s amazing, it likely goes magnitudes beyond that.”

~ Dr. Jamie Bogash, D.C., Insurance Committee Chair, AAC ~

Many people have seen Dr. Renee Haberl as the face of the Arizona Association of  Chiropractic for many years now. Not only has Dr. Haberl been the face of the AAC; she has been the backbone of the organization. She is a very humble woman who has made many sacrifices within her personal life, as well as within her practice. Many may ask why she would do so much for one association. The  answer is simple. Dr. Haberl is passionate about chiropractic, and supporting an organization that protects the profession that she is so passionate about. The AAC has made many advancements for Chiropractors in Arizona; and many of these advancements may not have been possible without her.

Dr. Haberl has helped a multitude of patients with a number of different issues, from head to toes! She has helped her patients achieve and maintain a quality of life that some thought was no longer a reality in their lives. Dr. Haberl treats every patient who walks into her office with respect and love, building relationships with each person and their families.

The Arizona of Association of Chiropractic is more than pleased to honor Dr. Renée Ann Haberl, D.C. as the 2014 CHIROPRACTOR OF THE YEAR for her selfless acts throughout the years. From serving on Committees, the Board and as the President of the AAC; we do look forward to working with Dr. Renée Ann Haberl, D.C. in coming years. Thank you Dr. Haberl for your continued support of the Arizona Association of Chiropractic. You have made a difference within the Chiropractic Community!!!!

~ Anonymous ~

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